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Choose from thousands of farmers and food producers who produce food using sustainable farming methods without any harmful chemicals.

When you buy your food from local farmers, you support the local economy.

If you are a farmer or food producer and would like to sell your produce online without paying any commission, register on Open Food Network, India today and start selling. Best B2B or B2C online marketplace developed for the farmers.

This software is developed by a Not-For-Profit organization to help farmers sell their produce online.

We call it Open Foor Network India, or OFN India.

If you sell good food - as a farmer, farmers market, food co-op, or food hub- then OFN India is your best option.

Selling on OFN - 3 easy steps

1. Create new account

Set up your enterprise with a name, description, photos, contact details and social media links.

2. Add Your Products

Add products to your shop - your own and/or from other producers around you. Set images, descriptions, prices, stock levels and flexible weights and measures.

3. Plan your Deliveries

Set up payment methods. Create multiple pick-up points and delivery details. Create recurring orders and regular distributions.

The sustainable Food Network of the future.

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